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  • You are searching for an internship that will add value to your experiences even after graduation.
  • Most internships comprise mundane tasks that doesn’t result in real progress after you graduate.
  • You want to clear your student loan before you graduate.

Dear Fellow Students,

We believe many of you are not sure what you want to do with your life at the moment.

You feel lost.

The job market out there is bleak.

Even if you land a job, it may not be something you like.
  • The chances of you being underpaid as a University Graduate is high
  • There is no work
    life balance
  • You don’t feel fulfilled
    with your life


of graduates earn less
than $3,000
after bonus.

If you feel the same, you are not alone.

*Source: Comprehensive Labour Force Survey 2017, Manpower 
Research & Statistics Department, MOM
We are ODYSSEY, a team of young and vibrant individuals who have always lived by our motto: 'Guiding You Through Life's Adventure'

Focusing on helping our clients plan for the many milestones in life, as well as ensuring our consultants grow to become the best versions of themselves, we are committed to helping others experience all that life has to offer.

And So Far?

Most of our advisors are graduates just like you and most of them managed to clear their debts in less than 15 months.

Imagine how your life would change:

You will be able to get a headstart before you even enter the workforce by graduating debt free!

You could use that time to invest or travel.

Our results speak for OURSELVES.

All of our advisors have done it, and they now enjoy comfortable lives.

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Here's The Clarity You Will Achieve

Learn How Students Like You Have Cleared Their Student Loan In 15 Months Or Less.

How To Get A Headstart Ahead Of Your Peers Before You Enter The Workforce.

How You Don't Need To Be That "Salesy" Financial Advisor And Still Get Incredible Results.

Proven System And Methods Without Doing Cold-Calling, Canvassing Or Roadshows And much, much more that we love to share with you on the day itself.

And much, much more that we love to share with you on the day itself.

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Our Team Members Have To Say...

Take this leap of faith with us, and walk the path that
many students before you have done and have a fulfilling internship experience with us!
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